_Coldstorm pt1.02

The Wolf

Just as the shadow, who's looking for his purpose, there's a wolf lurking in these dark woods.
He's not as hung up on saving people, though. And he at least got a name.
Nevh is what they used to call him, where he came from.
But these humans, that he's now pretty much working for, put an end to the little family he had.

However, he knew that humans weren't like that because they didn't like him and his alikes, it's simply action and effect. If one wolf attacks one human, another human will attack another wolf. If two wolves kill one human, five humans will kill ten wolves, and it goes on.
Sure, Nevh had a slight advantage in understanding these matters as he could morph himself into a human, but not for too long though. Being around food for too long without eating isn't good for anyone.

With his two lifes to live, Nevh investigated alot in humans and how they act around eachother, how they communicate, how they feel. He was surprised to see what love was for humans, or rather, that love was, for humans. Wolves didn't care very much for that. You meet someone, you have a pup and then you hangout till you're tired of eachother, that's love for you. But no, humans didn't need no kid to fall in love, they.. they didn't need anything, except eachother, as it seemed.

He had seen that love in the woods too, though. The way the shadow looked down on that lonely girl, and the way that lonely girl kept on sitting around his scoutcamp. They'd never said a word to eachother, but how they loved eachothers presence.

And there that girl was, sitting at the usual rock. Nevh thought he should maybe try to communicate with her, as a wolf, though, just to see what the shadow will do? Wolf's can't understand humans, and they can't love eachother, maybe the shadow will come down? However, he knew that if the shadow decided Nevh is a threat, he won't give him time to escape, especially nearby that girl.

Nevh walked up slowly, but not too slowly as in sneaking-attack slowly, more like shy slowly.
He tried to break the silence a little bit just to show he's curious, not hungry.
The girl turned around, looked at Nevh, and she froze. He's still alive though, so The shadow approves of this, he assumed. He walked up and stroke his head along her leg as to cuddle.
The girl turned to him, and carefully petted him. Long time since that happened. Nevh lay down.

Suddenly he heard two rapid footsteps and a shadow swinged by in front of him in the instance of a second, someone stood right behind him.

"I'm sorry about my dog, I hope he hasn't been bothering you?", and that was the shadow's first words in years.
He's not really the talkative type, but this might break that habbit. Nevh just lay still and listened to them, he had played this one right. There was only one thing bothering him. A dog? Shadow, seriously..



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