_Coldstorm pt1.01

The Shadow

They never called for him. Noone depended on him.
They didn't know where or what he was.
Actually, they didn't even know that he was, at all.

The girl that he had seen walking in the forest so many times fell to her knees, she too felt lonely.
He asked himself, is this what they meant? Is this the way I were suppose to save someone? By simply revealing myself?

He waited.
He was hiding right behind a series of branches, standing on the thickest one, crouching, in one of the medium-sized trees. It was the perfect spot because in all of the forest that was the one tree always in a shadow.

She got up again, he turned away to see if there was anyone nearby. There was noone.

She sat down on a rock next to a tree, she poked a flower, and whispered something to herself. The flower bobbed.
He couldn't make up his mind. Maybe this was the girl he'd been waiting for. Maybe she was the one in need of a saviour?

He was confused. He never thought a thing like this would be what they meant when they said "save". He could kill anything and anyone, anywhere, at any time, without anyone even noticing. But this? This he didn't know how to handle.

Suddenly he froze. There's a million rocks in these woods, why would she pick the single one in view from his scoutcamp?

Did she know of his existence?



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