And never again would I smile like this

All was good until she left.
She was but a streamlined fox, her fur was burning orange and red.
When she left chaos was upon us, nothing was peaceful anymore.
The aftermath was but one mountain, lifeless and quiet.

She brought a shadow upon us which noone could see through.
The great clouds above seemed sad and lost, and had wandered their way to the peak of the mountain.
Resting upon the frozen tip the whispering shadows blocked out the sun making it impossible to even open your eyes.
Those who dared to look around was cought in the crossfire of those who could not see, and those who didn't wish to be seen.

Noone managed to find ease or hope anymore, because the very ground was impaled by this immense darkness.
Never would I rest nor feel again.
Not until she who brought this upon us could find her way back to us.

These words have been altered to hide their true meaning.


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